OSCAM USAF was developed for the C-17 System Program Office (SPO), but was designed to be flexible enough to provide a generic O&S cost estimation model for USAF aircraft.

Note: The OSCAM USAF model is not currently being maintained or updated. Please reach out to the OSCAM Program Management team for more information.


OSCAM USAF was developed for the USAF C-17 SPO. It was designed to be used for a wide range of USAF aircraft, so the F-22 Program Office and the Aeronautical Systems Center Cost Analysis Staff were also involved in its development.

A Data Management Tool (DMT) was developed for OSCAM USAF, enabling maintenance philosophies to be applied to component level data within a work breakdown structure. In addition, the OSCAM USAF model has undergone a rigorous verification and validation process in order to build confidence that it can be trusted when used properly with valid input data.

OSCAM USAF has been used for life cycle O&S cost estimates to evaluate contractor and organic support concepts. Other uses of the model include O&S trade-off analyses, R-TOC tradeoff studies and initiative evaluations and the evaluation of future upgrades/modifications.

OSCAM USAF shares a common heritage with OSCAM Air and OSCAM JSF.  It has been superseded by OSCAM Air and OSCAM JSF but still shares a great deal in common with these tools.