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OSCAM Air was developed in conjunction with NAVAIR to address operating and support costs for naval fixed wing and rotary aircraft, OSCAM Air represents standup profiles, operating profiles, maintenance characteristics and support structures.  It allows cost profiles to be generated across the operating life of an aircraft program based on aircraft numbers and activities. OSCAM Air 4.0 introduced UAV specific features to allow costing of unmanned air vehicle programs. OSCAM Air 5.0 introduces a range of productivity features.

OSCAM Air 5.0

The simulation is controlled via a powerful user interface that allows selection and editing of data, running the simulation, analysis of results and a number of analysis tools, including risk analysis. The business processes are documented through interactive influence diagrams that are accessible via every input and output in the model. These diagrams ensure that OSCAM is not a black box; as a result the analyst can fully understand and can have confidence in the outputs generated by the model.

OSCAM Air 5.0 is designed to be flexible so that it can be used to represent a wide range of aircraft. It is supported by VAMOSC-based data for in-service and historical aircraft; as a result OSCAM can be used to develop a cost estimate for a new aircraft class by using an existing class as a baseline or using an analogy based on a variety of ship classes. OSCAM Air provides a number of choices on the level of detail that is required to populate a data record. This allows OSCAM to be used early on in the development process and then to grow as the program matures to include a more detailed representation of the platform operations and support.

OSCAM Air 5.0 includes the ability to interact directy with Excel workbooks. A fully formatted Excel workbook can be created from OSCAM Air 5.0 that can contain input data for the current record or blank values for inputs, allowing it to be used as a template for preparing input data. OSCAM can also load input data directly from these Excel workbooks, either for individual input sectors or for a complete data record.

OSCAM Air 5.0 can load data records from all previous versions of OSCAM Air.