OSCAM Ship Image


The OSCAM (Operating and Support Cost Analysis Model) family provides time evolutionary whole life costing models for a variety of US Navy weapon system platform types.  The OSCAM Ship simulation model represents the operating and support activities for a class of ships throughout its life.

OSCAM Ship 9.0

The simulation is controlled via a powerful user interface that allows selection and editing of data, running the simulation, analysis of results and a number of analysis tools, including risk analysis. The business processes are documented through interactive influence diagrams that are accessible via every input and output in the model. These diagrams ensure that OSCAM is not a black box; as a result the analyst can fully understand and can have confidence in the outputs generated by the model.

OSCAM Ship is designed to be flexible so that it can be used to represent a wide range of Navy platforms. It is supported by VAMOSC-based data for in-service and historical platforms; as a result OSCAM can be used to develop a cost estimate for a new platform class by using an existing class as a baseline or using an analogy based on a variety of ship classes. OSCAM Ship also provides a number of choices on the level of detail that is required to populate a data record. This allows OSCAM to be used early on in the development process and then to grow as the program matures to include a more detailed representation of the platform operations and support.

OSCAM has had several major enhancements, as well as several iterations with more minor enhancements. OSCAM Ship 9.0 incorporates many important new features to support ease of populating OSCAM with input data and for the display and export of results data. OSCAM data records created in earlier versions of OSCAM Ship can be loaded directly into OSCAM Ship 9.0.