OSCAM Land Image


OSCAM Land was developed for the UK Ministry of Defence to address operating and support costs for land based vehicles and their sub-systems. 

Note: The OSCAM Land model is not currently being maintained or updated. Please reach out to the OSCAM Program Management team for more information.


The UK OSCAM Land model provides a generic representation of the business processes present within land systems. Through the process of workshops comprising subject matter experts and experienced cost analysts, the structure and behavior of land based systems have been defined prior to translation into a simulation model at the quantitative level.

A Data Management Tool (DMT) for the OSCAM Land model has also been developed, enabling maintenance philosophies to be applied to component level data within a work breakdown structure prior to simulation. The DMT can also be used to analyze key cost drivers at a sub-system level.

OSCAM Land has been employed on a number of UK Ministry of Defence programs, including Future Combat Light Vehicle (FCLV), where it was used to determine the impact of Contractor Logistics Support trade-off studies. In addition, the Terrier program has used the Data Management Tool in order to receive component level maintenance data from product suppliers, prior to performing scenario analysis. Use of OSCAM has enabled scenario dependent modeling of O&S costs, using not only user defined and historic data, but also through the amalgamation of data produced in third party staffing level, logistic support and spares modeling tools.