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Sources of Help

Trained users can receive technical support and help in using the OSCAM models and the historical datasets. You can only use OSCAM if you have undertaken an OSCAM Ship or OSCAM Air training course. If you have not undertaken OSCAM training but are a US government employee or a contractor working on a US government program then you can register for training.

Users that have undertaken training courses for older versions of OSCAM can still download and use the most recent versions, but may need to apply for a new username and password.  Contractors will need to provide information on the current government program that they are supporting. See the OSCAM Ship and OSCAM Air specific resources below for details on features in the new versions of the tools.

If you require advice on how to use features of OSCAM, help with historical datasets, or help with downloading then please contact the .

If you require technical support on running OSCAM or for an OSCAM unlock code then please contact the .

OSCAM Built-in Help

OSCAM tools have comprehensive help that is available from the Help menu in the tools. This uses CHM files which are a standard way of providing searchable help for Windows programs. On some PCs the CHM files can be blocked if they were downloaded from the internet. If this has occurred the Contents pane will show the help topics but page view will display "Navigation to the webpage was canceled". See here for help on unblocking CHM files.

OSCAM Ship Help Resources

If you undertook training for OSCAM Ship v7 you will find that a lot of features have changed in OSCAM Ship v8.2. It has a simpler user interface, more options for selecting different levels of detail for costs, and more powerful analysis tools. Alternatively you may just want a refresher on using OSCAM if you have not used it for a while. See below for a description of features that have been introduced from OSCAM Ship v8 onwards and for tutorial movies that demonstrate the user interface and some short case studies on using OSCAM Ship.

New features in OSCAM Ship v8 (onwards)

OSCAM Ship v8 tutorial movies

OSCAM Air Help Resources

OSCAM Air v4 represent a major re-design since OSCAM Air v3, being easier to deploy by being able to run from CD, containing user interface enhancements, new features for representing costs including a UAV sector and flexible Throughputs sector, and an array of new analytical tools. See below for details of new features in OSCAM Air v4 and tutorial movies provide an overview of setting up input data and using the results analysis tool.

New features in OSCAM Air v4 (onwards)

OSCAM Air v4 tutorial movies