Developed to address the operating and support costs for the US Marine Corps Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV), previously known as the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle, the OSCAM EFV model represents a platform specific variant of OSCAM.

Note: The OSCAM EFV model is not currently being maintained or updated. Please reach out to the OSCAM Program Management team for more information.


Whereas the UK Land model provides a generic representation of the business processes present within land systems, the US EFV model demonstrates how commonality between OSCAM models can be used to develop bespoke, program-specific tools.

Developed for the US Marine Corps EFV Program Office, OSCAM EFV is a program specific model, building upon the fundamental structure of the UK OSCAM Land model. Prior to development of the model, it became evident that the process used by the UK Army to support its equipment was broadly similar to that used by the US Marine Corps. Initial development of OSCAM EFV was therefore based on the existing OSCAM Land model, providing a sound basis for a model tailored to the needs of the EFV program. Workshops were used to identify key areas where the processes associated with the EFV program differed from those of the existing UK Land model, therefore defining the overall scope of the problem and understanding the processes that needed to be represented.

A Data Management Tool (DMT) for the OSCAM EFV model has also been developed, enabling maintenance philosophies to be applied to component level data within a work breakdown structure prior to simulation.