OSCAM Ship 9 includes an Parametric Costing Tool (PCT) mode that allows an OSCAM Ship compliant dataset to be created by specifying ship characteristics. The PCT uses regression-based cost estimating relationships (CERs) derived from analysis of VAMOSC data. The CER database is updated on a regular basis so that estimates can be generated from recent data. The PCT provides insight into the historical information used for the CERs through context specific VAMOSC Views.


The Parametric Costing Tool uses regression analysis of VAMOSC historical data to help build rough estimates of operating and support costs. It can be used at the concept stage of a study before detailed planning has been done to provide insight into the potential operating and support cost implications of ship platform requirements.

The PCT allows between 4 and 12 ship characteristics to be defined, from which it generates an OSCAM compliant data record. It allows full editing of the OSCAM data record in order to provide ship introduction profile and operating information, as well as allowing specific cost data to be entered. VAMOSC Views presentations are used to describe the data used in the regression analysis for each input and are context specific.