OSCAM Ship and OSCAM Air have a Data Management Tool (DMT) mode. The DMT enables definition of a work breakdown structure, with maintenance data specified at the lowest level of the work breakdown structure. An OSCAM compliant dataset is created by aggregating the maintenance data up to the top-level system. In addition the DMT provides an analytical tool to help understand key maintenance action rate and cost drivers among sub-systems.


The DMT provides the ability to create an edit an OSCAM compliant dataset in the same way as in the main OSCAM model.  In addition the DMT provides the ability to define a work breakdown structure for the platform or system that can be used for representing more detailed maintenance data.

The Data Management Tool offers flexibility in the method of data input. In addition to the creation of work breakdown structures manually, it is possible to import structures from existing Excel spreadsheets, thus providing the option of importing existing supplier databases.