Personnel Categories and Grades

The Personnel sector is new to OSCAM Ship v8, but includes some inputs that were formerly in the Ship v7 Operations sector. The inputs previously available have been extended to allow more personnel types to be specified, inputs to be entered by personnel grade, and the number of crews per ship to be specified.

Additional Personnel Types

OSCAM Ship v8 has a dedicated Personnel sector. In addition to Officer and Enlisted crew there are now also:

Personnel Grades

There is an option to use a table of grades for each personnel category. A check box is used to switch between simple (input box) and detailed (grade tables) manning. Inputs or tables are grayed out when they are not selected, and will not be used in the simulation. The Officer, Warrant Officer and Enlisted personnel tables have pre-defined grades. For Civilian Mariners Class 1 & 2 and Other there are no universally recognized grades so these can be specified by the user.

Personnel grades being applied to determined the number of personnel and their pay

Personnel Grades screenshot

Crews per Ship

The No. of Crews per Ship input allows scenarios of crew rotation to be used where there may be more crews than ships (e.g. an average of 1.2 crews per ship might be used).

Only a single crew will be taken into account for costs such as supplies, but pay and indirect costs will take account of the extra crews. The number of crews per ship can be less than 1, in which case supplies costs and maintenance hours per enlisted crew member, as well as pay and indirect costs, will also be based on the smaller crew.

The size of the crew can be reduced or increased during and after Scheduled Depot Maintenance which will affect all cost and non-cost outputs based on crew numbers.