OpTempo - Impacts

Operational intensity can now be better reflected in OSCAM Ship v8 due to the introduction of more inputs based on Operations Tempo.

Reflecting operational intensity

Changes in operational intensity can now be more widely reflected in operating and support costs. Ordnance costs, for example, now allow three different ways of specifying costs by operational activity:

  1. Per Year - $K/Ship/Yr (flat line regardless of activity)

  2. Per Month - $K/Mth IFT (only incurred when not in availability)

  3. Per Hour - $K/Hr Underway (only incurred when Steaming Underway)

A single input or combination of the three can be used to define the ordnance costs. Additional input options have also been added to O/I Maintenance actions & costs, and to Unscheduled Depot Actions that allows these to be specified in terms of cost (or actions) per Hour Underway.

Expansion of inputs on the Ordnance sector to reflect Op Tempo

Ordnance screenshot illustrating multiple OpTempo cost drivers