OpTempo - Underway vs Deployment Mode

Actual fuel costs are dependent on fuel usage which is dictated by operational activity. Activity can be specified using the Underway Option or the Deployment option in OSCAM Ship v8.

Two options are provided for specifying operational activity:

Radio buttons are used to specify whether the Underway Option or Deployment Option is to be used.

Underway Option

Tabular inputs

In underway mode, there are now two alternative options for entering the % of IFT Steaming Underway and Average Fuel Use Underway:

  1. As in OSCAM Ship v7, the values are entered via input boxes.

  2. A new tabular option has been added allowing a more detailed representation where percentage of time and fuel use are specified for different speed ranges.

A check box is used to specify whether the Simplified (edit boxes) or Detailed (table) option is used. When the Detailed option is used the values in the edit boxes will be grayed-out and calculated from the data in the table.

Calculated values

The inputs for % of IFT Steaming Underway and % of IFT Steaming Not Underway are entered by the user. The % of IFT Cold Iron is automatically calculated so that the three percentages add up to 100%. Validation checks are incorporated to ensure that the sum of the percentages does not exceed 100%.

Aging curves

Fuel usage can be impacted by ship aging. OSCAM Ship v8 allows aging curves to be defined to specify a factor on fuel usage as a ship ages. The curve can be entered as a table where a factor is specified for every 5th percentile of ship age, by sketching on a chart or as a quadratic equation.

The Underway Option in the Operations sector

Underway Option screenshot

Deployment Option

Deployed & Non-Deployed

When using the Deployment Option, separate data can be specified for when the ship is Deployed and Not Deployed. This option is used in conjunction with the Operational Profile to specify the occurrence of the Deployment periods. The inputs for Steaming Underway and Steaming Not Underway are entered by the user as days per month. The number of days Cold Iron is automatically calculated. The number of days spent Cold Iron is calculated with validation checks built in to ensure the days spent Steaming Underway, Steaming Not Underway and Cold Iron do not sum to more than 30.4167 (1-month).

The Deployment option in the Operations sector

Deployment Option screenshot

The Operational Profile chart in the Program Profile sector allows deployed periods to be entered when the Deployment option is selected in the Operations sector. The deployed periods can be added by clicking on the chart at their starting point. They will have the default duration as specified in the Operations sector but right-clicking on any deployed block allows you to set a custom duration for that block.

Operational Profile in the Program Profile sector showing deployed periods

Operational Profile chart showing deployed periods

Aging curves

Fuel usage can be impacted by ship aging. The buttons bring up forms that allow an aging curve to be defined. Note that these aging curves are different from those specified for the Underway Option, and so will need to be specified if the option setting is changed.