Ship Introductions

Changes have been made to the program profile user-interface in OSCAM Ship v8, in order to improve and simplify the introduction of ships. There are increased ship numbers, a tabular introduction profile and a regular introductions tool.

Increased ship numbers

The maximum number of ships in a class has been raised from 30 to 60 ships.

Tabular introduction profile

Ship introductions are now entered in a table that includes copy and paste functionality. Data can be copied from any other cell(s) in the table or from other programs (such as Microsoft Excel).

Regular introductions tool

A Regular Ship Introductions form provides a quick way of defining ships that are introduced at regular intervals. Simply enter the number of ships to be introduced, the month the first ship is to be introduced and the number of months between each ship introduction.

The Introduction & Disposal tab in the Program Profile Sector

Program Profile screenshot

The Regular Ship Introductions dialog in the Program Profile sector

Regular Introductions dialog screenshot