Primary and Detailed Data

Significant changes have been made to the way that OSCAM Ship deals with Primary and Detailed data. There are no longer separate databases for Primary and Detailed data, instead all of the data for a scenario is held within the same data record.

Levels of detail

Three common options for the level of detail are:

Many sectors have radio buttons and/or check boxes that allow the user to select the level of detail that they wish to use. Inputs that are not applicable to the selected level of detail will be grayed-out or hidden.

In many cases the Simplified option allows for a less detailed representation than was required for OSCAM Ship v7. This should allow OSCAM Ship to be used earlier in the acquisition process, or for a certain level of representation to be specified for a sector when the main focus of the study is another aspect of the operating and support process.

In a number of sectors there are alternative ways of specifying input data (e.g. Cost per Ship, Cost per Month In Fleet Time, Cost per Steaming Hour).  The analyst can select to use one or a mixture of these input types, leaving 0 values in the others that are not required.

The Depot sector – with the option to choose between simplified, moderate and detailed inputs

Level of detail screenshot