Results Screen

The results screen has been re-organized using the CAPE 2014 structure and numbering, and some output lines changed to better reflect processes. Disposal has been moved to a sub-category of Non-O&S costs. Throughput results can be allocated to top-level CAPE elements (2nd level for Maintenance) as well as Non-O&S and Disposal categories. The results tabs have been enhanced with right-click functionality now added allowing various tasks to be performed quicker and more intuitively.

Cost Breakdown Structure

The cost breakdown structure has been organized using the CAPE 2014 structure and numbering. Some of the output lines have changed to reflect the business processes that are represented in OSCAM Ship v8.

Non-O&S cost outputs are listed with category numbers starting with "N". In OSCAM Ship v8.3 onwards the Disposal costs are a sub-element of Non-O&S costs. The top-level CAPE 2014 elements are the same as in the CAPE 2007 structure, but some differences existing below that. Where changes have occurred, most outputs are still under the same top-level element, but a few have changed, particularly those costs related to IT systems. Non-cost outputs all use a category numbering system starting with "X".

From OSCAM Ship v8.2 onwards, Throughput lines have been included for Non-O&S costs, Disposal costs and each of the top-level CAPE 2014 cost structure elements. In OSCAM Ship v8.3 the Maintenance category Throughput items are specified at the 2nd level of breakdown (3.1 O-L Consumables & Repair Parts, 3.2 Depot Level Repairables, 3.3 I-Level, and 3.4 Depot).

If an OSCAM Ship v8.2 data record is loaded, all Throughput costs allocated to 3.0 Maintenance will be applied to 3.4 Depot. A message will be displayed at the end of the Load Wizard to highlight if this mapping of Throughput costs has occurred.

The Results Display

OSCAM Ship Results screenshot

Summary Bar

In OSCAM Ship v8.3, summary information will be displayed for the currently selected results set. The Cost Year (or Then Years) Total O&S Cost, Total Non-O&S Cost and MAVD (Materially Available Vessel Days) will be shown on the bar directly below the results table.

Results line display options

Any results line in the table can be displayed on the graph below by double-clicking anywhere on that line. Pressing the F1 key while a results line is selected will display the F1 Help diagram that contains that output. For some results line that are aggregations of several different types of cost you will see a general cost structure F1 Help diagram. A similar concept is used for non-cost outputs.

Right-click menu options

A number of display options are available by right-clicking the mouse over the table or graph. Options have been expanded in OSCAM Ship v8.3 to include new graph displays and a Color of Money table, and access to the Then Years, Delta and Aggregation tools (these can still also be accessed via the Tools main menu item).

Name Tab functions

The results tabs at the bottom of the results table now display a popup menu when right-clicking the mouse on them. This allows quick access to view/change the results description, delete a results set, and to specify whether or not that results set is displayed on the graph.

OSCAM Ship v8.2 added the option to re-load the input data record that was used to generate the results, provided that the input data had no unsaved changes when the simulation was run. In OSCAM Ship v8.3 this was enhanced so that a warning is shown if the record has been saved since the results were generated - it does not stop the record from being re-loaded but it makes you aware that it might have been changed.