OSCAM Ship v7 Data Records

Due to the extensive changes in the business processes and the input data that is used by OSCAM to build a cost estimate, it is not possible to load an OSCAM Ship v7 data record directly into OSCAM Ship v8. A Conversion tool has been provided that will convert Ship v6 and v7 data records into a format that can be loaded into OSCAM Ship v8.

Conversion Tool

The OSCAM Ship v7 to v8 Conversion Tool converts data records that were created using OSCAM Ship v7 (or v6) into records that can be used by OSCAM Ship v8. The Conversion Tool can be used with any Ship v7 Primary Data Record that is held in a .USE or a .HIS file.

Types of Conversion

There are some differences between Ship v7 and Ship v8 in the logic for the business processes represented by the models and there are some additional inputs in Ship v8 that do not appear in Ship v7. When looking at a converted data record in OSCAM Ship v8 the source text against the input (where used) will identify the type of conversion approach that was used. This will be one of the following:

Conversion Type
Source ID
Direct v7 Copy
Copying input values where a direct equivalent exists in the v7 data record.
The original source text (or record name where no source text was previously recorded) will be used for inputs that are directly copied without changes.
Derived from v7
Performing a mathematical operation on one or more v7 inputs.
A ‘*’ followed by the record name will be used for inputs that require a mathematical operation or assumption to be made.
Default value
Using a default value, usually 0, where an input is new in OSCAM Ship v8.
'New in v8' will be used for inputs that have no equivalent in OSCAM Ship v7.

In most cases a converted data record should generate similar results in OSCAM Ship v8 to the results generated for the original data record using OSCAM Ship v7. Due to the logic changes the results are unlikely to be identical. In some cases the Conversion tool must make assumptions on the nature of the data that is being converted, so it is always advisable to review the data record that has been created in order to check the assumptions.

The online help in OSCAM Ship v8, accessed via the Help => Help Topics menu item, includes documentation on the conversion of each input in the model.

Accessing the Conversion Tool

The Ship V7 to V8 Converter can be found in the Tools subdirectory on the CD or the directory that you unzipped the OSCAM Ship download to.  The Ship V7 to V8 Converter has a wizard that will take you through the process of converting OSCAM Ship v7 data records.