Undo and Redo Functionality

It is now possible to undo previous data changes. An undo button is used to undo the last change. Previous changes can be selected from a pull-down list. Alternatively, double-clicking on an input will show the traditional dialog to select values from Primary or Reference data records, to which an extra tab has been added to allow previous data values to be selected. Data tables also have a list of undo items.

A re-do button and pull-down has also been added to reverse undo actions. The list of undo and re-do actions is cleared when a new data record is loaded or when the Cost Base Year is changed.

Undo and Re-do buttons on the toolbar

Undo and Re-do buttons

Undo list dialog box

Undo dialog

Undo list in double-click dialog for a specific input, Undo tab selected

Undo tab selected in the input double-click dialog