Other Sector

The 'Other' sector in OSCAM Ship v8 has been extended to include more inputs. Some inputs from this sector in Ship v7 have been relocated.

Expanded input types

The Other Sector has been expanded to add more options for representing Software Maintenance and ETS costs. ETS costs now differentiate between Government and Contractor.

In each case cost can be represented as a mixture of program costs, cost per ship or using a table that allows different costs to be specified for each year. In OSCAM Ship v8.3 onwards the year column headers are shown with a black background for years before the introduction of the first ship and years after the retirements of the last ship in the class.

Relocated inputs

The OSCAM Ship v7 Other sector contained Other Depot Maintenance which is now found in the OSCAM Ship v8 Depot Maintenance sector, and Training which now has its own sector.

The Other Sector input form

Other sector screenshot