Indirect Sector

The Indirect sector is new to OSCAM Ship v8. It allows a representation of indirect support costs and indirect personnel costs.

 Indirect inputs

The Indirect Sector contains data on Installation Support and Indirect Personnel costs. Each of these has a class cost, ship cost and per person cost as well as a table that allows a profile of costs to be specified over time. For the per person costs a reminder will be displayed if the Simplified option has been selected for Other Unit Level Personnel. In this case the number of Other Unit Level Personnel is not specified and so cannot be included in the calculation.

Tabular inputs

The row headers of the profile tables can be specified from a right-click option. The tables allow multi-cell selection with copying and pasting through a right-click option. In OSCAM Ship v8.3 onwards the year column headers are shown with a black background for years before the introduction of the first ship and years after the retirements of the last ship in the class.

The Indirect Sector input form

Indirect sector screenshot