Scheduled Depot Maintenance

A simplified option is available in the Scheduled Depot Maintenance sector of OSCAM Ship v8. Improvements have also been made to the moderate detail and detailed options. The ability to specify whether work is taking place at a Government facility, a Contractor facility or both has been added.

Level of Detail Options

Three levels of detail are available for Scheduled Depot Maintenance: Simplified, Moderate and Detailed. The Simplified representation does not use the Availability types in the Operational Profile chart. The Moderate and Detailed options do allow the use of up to 9 Availability types, with the ability to select the level of detail for each Availability type.


A Simplified representation of Scheduled Depot Maintenance is now available. This applies an average annual cost for repair and modernization for each ship, and a percentage of a ship's life that it is in Scheduled Depot Maintenance. When the Simplified Scheduled Depot Maintenance is selected, all Availability periods are hidden in the Operational Profile (if any have been defined).  These will be displayed again if Simplified mode is de-selected.

Moderate Detail

The Moderate representation allows high level costs to be specified for repair, modernization and refueling for the Availability type.


The Detailed representation is similar to the format used in OSCAM Ship v7 but has been made more intuitive. The Strike Rate (the maximum amount of labor effort that can be applied per month) is no longer used as an input. This means that the Availability will always be completed in the specified duration and will not be extended due to insufficient Strike Rate. The Strike Rate is still retained as a feedback metric to show the required monthly labor effort that would be required to complete the specified amount of work in the specified duration. An Example Strike Rates button displays historical Strike Rates for different ship classes for a range of Availability types.

The Scheduled Depot Maintenance tab

Scheduled Depot Maintenance tab screenshot

Government and Contractor depots

For Moderate and Detailed representation, work can be specified to take place at a Government facility, a Contractor facility, or at both (Mixed location). For Mixed locations it is possible to specify Moderate level at one location and Detailed level at the other. When converting data files from Ship v7, all information for each Availability type is placed in the Government tab.