Overhaul Profiles Chart

The Overhaul Profiles Chart has been enhanced in OSCAM Ship v8, with the addition of deployment periods, increased availabilities, additional error checking and relocated inputs to better represent the processes in place.

Deployment periods and overhaul periods ("Availabilities")

The Overhaul Profiles chart that was present in Ship v7 has been retained as a concept but made more flexible, with the addition of Deployed periods. The Deployment periods can be defined if the Deployment mode option is selected in the Operations Sector. The resulting chart is now called the Operational Profile Chart and is found in the Program Profile sector. Overhauls are now called Availabilities to match US Navy terminology. Right-clicking on the Availability Templates provides a shortcut to the appropriate tab in the Depot sector that contains data about that Availability type.

From OSCAM Ship v8.1 onwards, right-clicking on an Availability button or the Deployment button above the Operational Profile chart gives the option to keep that item selected. Multiple blocks can then be placed on the chart without having to select the button each time. Press <Esc> or click on another button to cancel selection.

Increased Availabilities

The number of Availabilities that can be placed on the chart has been increased from 40 to 200, while 200 Deployment periods can be placed on the chart.

Additional error checking

Additional error checking has been added to the chart so that there are error messages if the chart contains invalid data (e.g. overlapping Availability periods) or warnings if data is unlikely to be used (e.g. Availability periods that start after the retirement of a ship).

Ship lifetime input moved

The ship lifetime input has been removed from the Overhaul chart and is now an explicit input on the Program Profile sector form.

The Operational Profile Chart

Operational Profile Chart screenshot