O/I Level Maintenance

The O/I Level Maintenance sector in OSCAM has been simplified, combining categories used in OSCAM Ship v7. The inputs available in simplified mode have been extended to allow a wider variety of input formats (annual costs, monthly costs, etc.). Finally there are now more aging factor graphs available in this sector.

Maintenance categories

The available categories for O/I Level Maintenance have been simplified:

The O-Level Maintenance tab in the O/I Maintenance sector

O-Level Maintenance tab screenshot

Simplified input options

Each maintenance level now has a Simplified option where maintenance costs can be specified in one or more of the following formats:

This allows cost estimates for maintenance actions to be developed earlier in the life of a program without having to determine detailed data on action rates, issue costs, etc.

Detailed input option

The Detailed option is similar to v7 and allows the rate of maintenance actions to be specified based on a variety of criteria, and then has effort and costs specified per event. Detailed data is entered separately for Maintenance Actions and Alterations.


OSCAM Ship v7 had a graphical aging factor on action rates in the Detailed data record. In Ship v8 the Primary data record has an aging factor on action rates and an aging factor on parts costs. There are also factors that allow the ship deployed status to impact action rates. The factors apply to both Simplified and Detailed options.

The O/I Level Factors in the O/I Maintenance sector

O/I-Level Factors screenshot

OSCAM Ship v8.2 introduced the option to specify a factor graph using an equation. This allows a linear or quadratic equation to be specified. The original option to specify the graph using X,Y values (using the table or by sketching on the graph) still exists but has been expanded to 21 data points (5% increments) rather than the 10% increments used in earlier versions of OSCAM Ship.

Factor graph with options to specify using X,Y values or an equation (with insert of equation parameters close-up)

OSCAM Ship v8.2 factor graph with equation parameter close-up