Uncertainty Results Export 

OSCAM Ship v8.4 has added more flexibility to the way that uncertainty results data can be extracted and pasted into other applications. Previous versions of OSCAM allowed the data for the currently viewed S-Curve or Histogram to be copied to the clipboard in ascending value order. In OSCAM Ship v8.4 a new options dialog has been created that allows configuration of what data is copied to the clipboard and how it is configured. Similar options dialogs are also available for summary statistics and percentile tables.

Raw uncertaintay results data can be copied to the clipboard via a right-click popup menu on the S-Curve or Histogram graphs by selecting the Copy Data to Clipboard option.

Uncertainty results S-Curve with options menu

Uncertainty results S-Curve with data menu   

The configuration dialog allows selection of the results views that are exported. By default, only the current viewed results are selected in the list, but it is possible to select any of the views. The orientation of the graph can be set as cost categories in rows or columns. The sort order for the data allows the results to be sorted from smallest to largest (as plotted on an S-Curve) or in replication order, which allows costs at the different levels of cost breakdown to be associated together for each replication. Options are also available on the labels that are included. The data can then be copied to the clipboard and pasted into another application such as a spreadsheet.

Uncertainty results data export configurations dialog

Configuration dialog for copying uncertainty results to the clipboard

A similar configuration dialog is available for exporting summary statistics and percentile tables, with options on results views to be included, orientation and labels.