Uncertainty Tool Inputs Include Annual Profile Tables and Throughput Items 

In previous versions of OSCAM Ship, the Uncertainty Tool treeview list only contained standard single value inputs from the input sectors. OSCAM Ship v8.4 expands the inputs that are available by also allowing annual cost profile table rows and Throughput inputs to be selected for uncertainty analysis.

Annual cost profile table rows will be included provided that at least one value in the row is non-zero. Both Structured Throughputs, where costs are specified against a cost driver, and Table Throughputs can be selected. Only Throughput items with non-zero items will be included. Annual cost profile tables that allow user defined descriptions and all throughput items will display the user defined name if one has been specified. Throughput inputs will inlcude the CAPE Element selection as part of the name.

Uncertainty Input form

Uncertainty Input form showing Thoutputs in the Input Tree and selected inputs in the Uncertainty Input List

Standard single inputs and Structured Throughput inputs selected in the Uncertainty Input List will display the current value in the "Current" column. Annual cost profile inputs and TableThroughputs do not have a single value to display so the "Current" column displays table.

The Set Sample Distrubution dialog displays the input type. For annual cost profile tables and Table Throughputs the dialog shows the minimum and maximum values in the table row. For a Single Input and Throughput Single Input the distribution represents a range of values that the input can take, with the shape of the distribution representing the likelihood of selecting particular values. For a Cost Profile Table and Throughput Cost Profile Table the distribution represents a factor (as stated in the Bounds information) that all values in all years will be multiplied by.

Set Sampling Distribution form for an annual cost profile input

Set Sampling Distribution form for an annual cost profile input