Program Profile - Ship Introductions Table

Previous versions of OSCAM Ship specified ship introductions in terms of Intro Month (months from Start Year for the Program). A separate Excel workbook called the "Ship v8 Intro Tool" was available to convert calendar years and month names to Intro Month values. In OSCAM Ship v8.4 the functionality of the Ship v8 Intro Tool is available within OSCAM.

Within the Program Profile sector, the Ship Introductions table allows a choice of specifying ship introductions by entering the months from Program Start Year, or by calendar year and month name.  Month names can be selected from a drop-down list or typed in. OSCAM will determine the closest full month name from the text that is typed, e.g. "Mar" and "3" will both be interpreted as "March".  Values can also be pasted into the Ship introductions table provided that data is in tabular format (e.g. from a spreadsheet or a table in a document).

Ship Introductions Table showing option to enter calendar year and month name

Ship Intro Table showing selection of month

If the Start Year for Program value is changed then the data in the selected data entry format for the Ship Introductions table will remain the same and the calculated format will change relative to the Start Year for Program. If the date for any ship introductions is before the Start Year for Program then the Intro Month will be negative and will be displayed in red. It will not be possible to run the simulation until red text is resolved, either by changing the Start Year for Program or by changing the ship introduction date.