Save Database Wizard

The Save Database Wizard is used to save data records and Workspace files (to save OSCAM session with any results sets that have been created). The Save Database Wizard has been completely re-designed in OSCAM Ship v8.3 to make it more intuitive, easily select previously used databases and to achieve common tasks with fewer mouse clicks. It closely resembles the style and functionality of the Load Wizard.

You can save a data record in a .USE database that was created by the same version of OSCAM Ship, or you can create a new database to save the record to. While you can load data records from earlier versions of OSCAM Ship you cannot save to these databases, and will be warned if you select a database from an earlier version.

Save Database Wizard options screen Save Wizard Options page

Wizard Status column

The status column shows the current stage of the wizard and decisions that have been made in previous stages. It also shows you current choices in stages that have not yet been reached:

Select Save Option page

The Select Save Option page lets you select one of four main options for saving data. Select the button for the required option:

In addition to the option buttons, the Select Save Option page has a list recently used .USE databases which you can click on to quickly select a database. .HIS files and databases for other versions of OSCAM Ship will not be included in the list.

Selecting an existing database

You can select an existing .USE database to save to by clicking on a recently used database from a shortcut list or by using a file explorer dialog to navigate through folders and select a file. The shortcut list will only show valid databases that you can save to. When you select a .USE database using the file navigator OSCAM will check that it is a valid OSCAM Ship database and will inform you if it is not valid and why.

Select User Database file explorer dialog

Select User Database dialog

Creating a new file

If you are creating a new OSCAM Ship .USE database or you are saving a workspace file you will use the Save File dialog to navigate to a folder and name the file. OSCAM will automatically add the appropriate file extension to the filename. If creating a new database, once you have named it you will be taken to the Enter Record Details page which will be similar to that used for saving to an existing database except that you will not see a list of data records in the database (since it is blank).

Create New User Database dialog

Create New User Database file navigator dialog

Enter Record Details page

For all options except saving a Workspace file, you will need to enter a record name and optionally (but recommended) provide some records details to give a description of the purpose of the data record. If you have created a new OSCAM Ship database then you will not see a list of existing content, but if saving to an existing database you will see a list of the records that the database contains. The list has different sorting options. You can select a record in the list to see its Cost Year, save date and description text. Selecting an existing record will also set its record name as the name of the record to be saved.

You can edit the name and details text of the record that you want to save. Click the Save Record button to save the input data to the database. If the record name matches a name already in the database then you will be warned that it will overwrite an existing record and have the option to accept this or select a different name.

Enter Record Details page

Enter Record Details page showing list of existing records


Once a record or Workspace file has been saved you will be taken to the Finish page. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

Finish stage

Save Wizard Finish page