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These automated tutorials have been designed to show existing users of OSCAM Air v3 the features that are new in OSCAM Air v4. They also provide a taste of the OSCAM functionality to those who have not yet attended the training course, as well as a "how to..." reminder for those that have.

The links provided below use the Flash player plugin for your web browser to play a "movie" of the selected tutorial. Alternatively you can download and run an executable version of the movie. Progress through the tutorials may be controlled using the drop-down buttons which can be found at the top right of the viewing screen.

Note that the tutorials below show OSCAM Air v4.0. OSCAM Air undergoes incremental enhancements and many aspects of the visual style and functionality have been improved. In particular the Load and Save wizards, Program Profile, and the Throughput sector have had significant functionality improvements. The tutorials do still demonstrate the basic functionality of OSCAM Air and are a useful introduction on how it works.

Please note that all scenarios and data are fictitious and are for demonstration purposes only. Each tutorial runs for approximately 15 minutes. 

Tutorial #1 - OSCAM Air v4 Input Forms and Editing Tools

A tour of the input forms in OSCAM Air v4 and some of the editing tools. The following features are covered:

Play Tutorial 1 Flash

Download Tutorial 1 Exe

Tutorial #2 - OSCAM Air v4 Results Form and Analysis Tools

A tour of the OSCAM results views and some of the analysis tools. The following features are shown:

Play Tutorial 2 Flash

Download Tutorial 2 Exe