Unit Level Personnel

Unit Level Personnel costs are calculated for Mission Personnel, Maintenance Personnel and Support Personnel separately. These are further broken down by environment and by labor category. Costs are based on the number of personnel in each labor category and the annual salary for that labor category.

Simplified and Detailed option can be selected using the radio buttons. These options can be set independently on each tab.

In Simplified mode, the input boxes are enabled that allow number of people per squadron and average annual salary (which should be the fully burdened cost) to be specified by labor category.

Personnel - Mission Personnel tab with Simplified option selected

Unit Personnel form showing the Mission Personnel tab with the Simplified option selected

In Detailed mode, the tables are enabled to use a pay grade structure for entering the number of people per squadron and fully burdened annual salary. The pay grade structure is provided for military personnel while custom categories can be used for civilians and contractors. The tables allow copying and pasting so that data can be pasted from other data sources. The total number of people per squadron in the category and the average annual salary are calculated from the data in the tables and are shown in the column headers.

If standard pay tables are being used for labor categories and across environments then OSCAM allows you to enter the salary data in one table and then apply that to all other tables of the same type. The categories are Officer (including Pilots and NFOs), Enlisted (including SEAOPDET), Civilians, and Contractors.

Personnel - Detailed option with popup menu displayed

Detailed Personnel table with grades, and popup menu showing table options

Right-click the mouse on the table and select the option to copy the salaries from the table to all tables with the same labor category.