Program Profile - Cost Deferral

In some scenarios, the operating and support costs are only of interest beyond a certain year. This may be for budgeting purposes or if there is a major change in the way that the aircraft are operated at a specific point in time. The Cost Deferral option can be set so that operating and support costs are only incurred beyond a certain year in the simulation. Setting this option does not affect results from simulations that have already been run, only results from future simulation runs.

The Cost Deferral option is available in the Program Profile sector. Use the check box to enable it, and then select the year that costs will first be reported from.

Program Profile - cost deferral option

Program Profile form with cost deferral option selected

The results table will display zero values for cost outputs in all years up to the cost deferral start year, at which point the costs will be reported. The Total column will show the sum of costs from the cost deferral year onwards. Non-cost outputs are reported for all years and are not affected by the cost deferral selection.

Results view - results with cost deferral

Example of results form where cost deferral has been used