Source Text Editing

Most data input boxes display a Source field that contains text to show the source of the data. This may be the name of another data record, if a value has been copied from another data record, or text that is added when a data field is edited.

Setting the Source ID

The Source ID is text that is added automatically whenever a data value is edited manually. The ID may be a generic 'User' label, the name of the contributor, or some other identifier for the source of the data. The Source ID can be changed via the Tools/Set Source ID menu or by pressing Ctrl + i.

Source text editing - setting the Source ID

Set Source ID menu option

This displays a dialog box that allows you to edit the Source ID or select a recently used ID from the drop-down box. The selected Source ID and list of recently used labels will be retained between sessions of using OSCAM.

Source text editing - Set Source ID form

Set Source ID form

Note: Changing the Source ID will not change any of the existing source labels. The new label will only be applied to any data fields that are subsequently edited. It is possible to have a large variety of source labels within a single data record.

Also note that the Source ID is only applied if the data value is changed from its existing value. There is an option to "Apply to All Existing Inputs". This will immediately set all Source IDs in the data record to the new Source ID. Note there is no undo for this action.

Editing source text in an input form

It is now possible to change the Source text for an individual input without changing the data value.

Source text editing - editing source text via an input form

Select or edit source text in an input form

The source text can be edited by double clicking on the Source text. This activates a drop-down menu where a recently used Source ID can be selected, or new text can be typed in. The new text will be added to the Source ID list but will not change the current Source ID that is applied when a data value is edited.