Undo Functionality

Input data changes can be reversed using the Undo options. This can be done using the Undo button or by double-clicking on an input. Note that an undo cannot be performed on any input that is disabled.

The last edit action can be reversed by clicking on the Undo button. Alternatively, clicking on the drop-down next to the Undo button will display the last edit action and allow access to a form that displays older edits. The use of the drop-down is recommended since it clarifies which edit will be reversed. The summary shows the sector, input name, input type, current value (or action performed), previous value (or undo action), previous source and time of edit.

Click on the item to select the undo, or click on "More..." to see all edits since the data record was loaded.

Undo functionality - the "More..." option

Undo Button selection screenshot

Clicking on "More..." will display a dialog that shows the complete list of undo options. Data objects are Single (a single edit box), Table (a row or column in a table with numerical data), Table Equation (a factor table that also has a quadratic equation option), Label Table (a row or column in a table with text data), Control (a radio button or check-box), or Label (a text edit box). Some tables in OSCAM forms contain more than one named input (e.g. personnel numbers and personnel pay appear in the same table but represent two separate inputs and so each will be treated as a different data object). Copying data to a table may generate several undo actions. Similarly, selecting some controls will cause other inputs to be changed, with each change causing a separate undo action.

Undo functionality - the Undo Selection form

Undo Selection form screenshot

Select a line and then click OK to perform the undo. This will restore the data value (or values for tables) to the point before the edit. Any subsequent edits to that input or table will be lost (particularly relevant to table inputs). However, selecting to undo older edits will change only that specific input and not subsequent edits to other inputs.

Right-clicking over the Undo table provides a Copy Table option. This allows the contents to be copied to packages such as Microsoft Excel.

Redo button

The Redo button can be used to reverse any undo actions that were applied in error. Clicking on the Redo button will cause the last undo to be reversed. Clicking on the pull-down next to the Redo button will display the details of the redo for the most recent undo action, or selecting More... will display a table of all available redo actions since the last data record was loaded.

Undo via double-click

Input boxes and tables allow a list of undo actions for that input to be viewed by double-clicking the left mouse button on a selected data item. The edits for that particular input will be shown on the Undo tab. An undo action can then be selected from the list.

Undo functionality - double-click Data Selection form

Undo functionality via input box double-click