F1 Help Diagrams

The underlying structure of the business model is described by a series of interactive diagrams that are available via the F1 key. The diagrams can be accessed via input boxes and table inputs by selecting the input and then pressing the F1 key. The relevant diagram will be shown for the input. In some cases the input will have a different context depending on the options that are selected, so some diagrams have short-cuts to other diagrams.

F1 Help diagrams are also available from the Results screen. Select a results line and press the F1 key to show the diagram that is relevant to that output.

Once F1 Help is open, alternative diagrams can be viewed using the navigational drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the screen.

F1 Help window

Example F1 Help diagram

Hovering over an F1 Help diagram input or output item in the list on the left will cause a flashing halo to be displayed on the diagram and a description of the item to be displayed below the diagram.

Where a diagram shows structures for Simplified and Detailed modes, a button is available that switches between these views. The inputs and calculations that are not relevant for the selected option will be grayed-out.

A diagram can be exited by clicking ‘Close Window’ or by pressing the Esc button.