Inflation Tables

inflation indices are used to change the input data to a different Cost Base Year. Each cost input is associated with an inflation indexation category. In addition, inflation categories can be set for any Throughput data item (see Throughput Data for more details). OSCAM makes use of inflation tables from the NCCA Inflation calculator, which is updated annually. OSCAM provides choice of inflation table versions. 

OSCAM inflation tables - select from toolbar

Inflation table selection drop-down box screenshot

It is generally recommended that the most recent inflation table is used but for some studies it may be necessary to produce comparisons using a previous inflation table. The selection of the inflation table version can be made in the Load Wizard or via the drop-down selection on the main toolbar. The text of the selected inflation table version will be displayed in red if this is not the latest set of tables.

OSCAM inflation tables - Load Database Wizard

Inflation table warning in Load Wizard

A new Cost Base Year can be set when loading in a data record using the Load Data Wizard. It can also be changed at any time via the Data Record Details.

Inflation indices are also used for creating Then Year $ results. Each of the lowest level cost output items has an inflation category associated with it. A slightly different set of inflation tables (Then Year tables) are used for the calculation.

The inflation index tables used by OSCAM Air v4 are periodically updated and will be issued in the form of an updated OSCAM Air Runtime version. The update will add the latest version of the inflation table, but previous tables will still be available via the drop-down box. Trained users will be contacted when new inflation tables are available.