Throughput Sector

Throughput data allows costs to be added that either were not originally represented in OSCAM Air v4 or for which a separate model provides more accurate results. Structured Throughput items can be specified using a variety of cost drivers and annual cost profile tables can also be used. For each item a cost category must be selected so that the costs can be applied to the appropriate part of the output structure on the results screen. The cost categories relate to the first level CAPE categories (second level for Maintenance) as well as options to include Disposal or other Non-O&S costs.

Throughput Sector - Structured Throughput Cost Data form

Throughput input form

Items can be added which contribute to regular program costs, aircraft costs or flying hour costs, or which are generated on introduction of the first aircraft or on each aircraft introduction. The Throughput tables allows profiles of costs to be specified on a year-by-year basis. Item names can be entered for the Throughput table by right-clicking on the appropriate row and selecting the Edit Name option from the pop-up menu.

Throughput Sector - Annual Profile Table Throughput Cost Data form

Throughput input form

An Inflation category can be specified for each item. This will allow inflation indexation to occur if the Cost Base Year of the data record is changed and also allows Then Year $ costs to be calculated in the results. The Inflation category is also used to identify which row to apply costs in the Color of Money table on the Results screen. The definition for a selected Inflation category can be seen in the Long Description panel if the mouse pointer is moved over the Inflation Category input box.