Indirect Sector

The Indirect sector has sub-tabs for Installation Support, Indirect Personnel Support and Software Maintenance & Tech Refresh.

Installation and Indirect Personnel Support

The Installation Support tab and the Indirect Personnel Support tab follow the same layout and concepts. Cost are divided into personnel related categories (MPN) and operations and maintenance categories (OMN), depending on how they are incurred and budgeted.

Indirect Sector - Installation Support

Installation Support tab

Costs can be specified in terms of a cost per person for Officers, Enlisted (including SEAOPDET) and Civilians (excluding contractors) personnel categories. The radio buttons at the top allow both unit level and I-Level personnel to be used in the calculation or for just unit level personnel to be included.

There are also annual profile tables that allow costs to be specified for specific years. Any costs specified in the I-Level MPN and I-Level OMN rows of the table will still be incurred even if the radio button setting is "Apply to Unit Level Personnel Only".

General Training and Education

The General Training and Education tab has inputs for Basic Training costs. There are several ways that these costs can be driven, depending on how the costs are captured. Basic Training costs are only applicable to military personnel and are divided into officer and enlisted Basic Training costs.

Indirect Sector - General Training and Education

General Training and Education tab

The Basic Training costs can be driven by A-School training requirements by applying a $ per person cost for everyone who has a requirement for A-School training, as defined in the Sustaining Support sector. These inputs are only available when the Detailed training option is selected in the Sustaining Support sector, since this is the only way that A-School training requirements can be set. If the Simplified training option is selected then the inputs will be disabled and a warning message will be displayed.

Indirect Sector - Basic Training Warning

Certain Basic Training inputs are disabled and a warning message is displayed if the Simple Training option is selected in the Sustaining Support sector

The Basic Training costs can be specified as a cost per squadron for each environment and a cost for I-Level or by using an annual cost profile table. The inputs for IN27 Officer Basic Train I-Level ($/Yr) and IN32 Enlisted Basic Train I-Level ($/Yr) should be specified as the peak cost, when the maximum number of aircraft are in the program, and the OSCAM simulation will factor this cost down during the ramp-up and ramp-down periods. The annual cost tables allow specific costs to be entered in any year, and no factors will automatically be applied during ramp-up and ramp-down.