Sustaining Support Sector

The Sustaining Support sector contains inputs that were previously found in the OSCAM Air v3 Training sector as well as some inputs that were in the Other sector.

The training inputs have been changed considerably in order to better reflect how these costs are captured by NAVAIR. Implicit in this structure is the notion that the Personnel sector inputs for FRS (Fleet Replacement Squadron) should include trainees as well as trainers.

Other Sustaining Support Costs include: Sustaining Engineering, Program Related Logistics, Technical Data, Support Equipment Replacement and Operating Equipment Replacement.

Training inputs

Training costs should represent initial pilot and NFO training and the A-School and C-School training for other personnel categories. Personnel who are undergoing system specific training should be included as part of the roster in the FRS (Fleet Replacement Squadron) environment, which is represented in the Unit Personnel sector.

Training has simplified and detailed options which are described below. A Simulator Operations sub-tab is available independently of which detail level is selected.

Simplified Training option

The Simplified training option is selected using the Simplified radio button at the top of the form. This will display a Personnel Training (Simplified) sub-tab that contains all of the inputs related to personnel training.

Sustaining Support - Simplified Training option

Simplified Training input tab

The Simplified training representation allows training costs to be specified as a cost per squadron per year for each of the environments. There is also a training cost input for I-Level personnel training which is specified as a cost per year (the peak cost should be entered which OSCAM will automatically scale during ramp-up and ramp-down).

The annual profile table allows costs to be specified for particular years. Note that these costs can be applied even when there are no aircraft are in the program, so it is possible to apply training costs ahead of the introduction of the first aircraft.

The Simplified training costs do not identify the number of people to be trained nor the durations. Any costs that are defined should include the training costs and the cost of trainees' salaries.

Note that some Basic Training cost inputs in the Indirect sector are dependent on inputs specified in the Detailed training representation. By selecting Simplified training, these inputs will not be available in the Indirect sector and so non-person based indirect costs should be used instead.

Detailed Training option

The Detailed training option is selected using the Detailed radio button at the top of the form. This will display sub-tabs for Training Requirements, Mission Personnel Training, Maintenance Personnel Training, Support Personnel Training and Additional Personnel Training Costs.

As well as the training costs specified in the tabs, the OSCAM simulation will also calculate salary costs for the trainees, based on the training requirements, duration of training (in days) and the annual salary costs specified in the Unit Personnel sector and the Maintenance sector (for I-Level personnel). When using the annual salary costs, the OSCAM simulation will convert to a daily salary cost using the OSD Comptroller value of 286.53 working days in a year.

The Indirect sector makes use the training requirements information that is specified in this sector. The requirement for A-School training can be used to drive the application of Basic Training costs.

Detailed Training - Training Requirements

The Training Requirements tab has sub-tabs for the Active, Reserve, FRS and Other environments and for I-Level personnel. The layout of inputs is the same for all of these sub-tabs except for the I-Level tab, which does not have Pilot & NFO Initial Training.

Sustaining Support - Detailed Training Requirements

Detailed Training - Requirements tab

The inputs specify the percentage of personnel in each category that will require the specified type training each year. The Pilot & NFO Initial Training Requirements apply only to pilots and NFOs. The A-School and C-School training requirements apply to Mission, Maintenance and Support personnel, but excludes pilots and NFOs.

Pilot and NFO Initial Training is training that is not Type/Model/Series specific. A-School training should be applied to personnel who are starting their first tour of duty. C-School training should be applied for personnel who are starting their first or a repeat tour of duty.

Detailed Training - Mission, Maintenance and Support Personnel Training

Sub-tabs exist for each of Mission, Maintenance and Support personnel. all the sub-tabs follow the same principals but differ in the personnel types that are specified. Each tab contains the training duration for each personnel category and the daily cost of each type of training. Initial Pilot Training and Initial NFO Training have separate costs per day. A-School Training has the same daily cost for all personnel categories, as does C-School Training. These inputs apply to the training requirements in all environments.

Sustaining Support - Detailed Mission Personnel Training

Detailed Training - Mission Personnel Training tab

Detailed Training - Additional Personnel Training Costs

The Additional Personnel Training Costs tab contains annual profile tables that allow specified costs to be entered by year. Aircraft do not need to be in the program for the annual costs to be applied so training costs can be incurred before aircraft are introduced into service.

The tables are organized into three groups: one for Mission personnel with Initial Pilot & NFO Training costs and Aircrew training costs, one for O-Level Maintainers and Support personnel training costs and one for I-Level Maintainers and Support personnel training costs.

Sustaining Support - Detailed Additional Personnel Training Costs

Detailed Additional Personnel Training Costs tab

Simulator Operations

The Simulator Operations sub-sector represents costs for simulators and other training systems.

Sustaining Support - Simulator Operations

Simulator Operations tab

Simulator operations costs can be represented as a fixed annual cost, as a cost per squadron, or as an annual profiled cost. The costs per squadron can be specified separately for the Active, Reserve, FRS and Other environments. Profiled annual costs can be specified separately for up to five items.

Other Sustaining Support

The Other Sustaining Support tab contains inputs for a range of other sustaining support functions. These are: Sustaining Engineering, Program Related Logistics, Technical Data, Support Equipment Replacement and Operating Equipment Replacement.

Sustaining Support - Other Sustaining Support

Other Sustaining Support tab

All of the sustaining support functions follow the same mechanism of capturing costs using a combination of a fixed annual cost, an annual cost per aircraft and an annual profile cost. Sustaining Engineering only differs slightly in that it has separate costs for government and contractors.