Maintenance - AIMD/MALS Personnel

Details of I-Level personnel can be entered as general costs and/or for up to 20 AIMD/MALS facilities.

General I-Level Personnel costs

Costs for Intermediate-level maintenance personnel costs can be entered as a fixed cost per year, a cost per aircraft per year, and/or a cost per flying hour.

Maintenance - I-Level personnel General tab

I-Level maintenance personnel - General tab

AIMD/MALS facilities

Up to 20 AIMD/MALS facilities can be specified using the up/down buttons. If only the costs on the General tab are to be used then the number of facilities can be set to 0.

All facilities use a common set of salaries for labor categories that are set on the Salaries tab. The annual labor costs should be the fully burdened values. For each facility that is specified, details of the personnel at that facility can be specified. A 3 character tab name and a longer facility name can be set. The Allocation to TMS % sets the percentage of the defined labor that is allocated to the Type/Model/Series, and only the costs of the allocated personnel will be shown in the results.

Maintenance - I-Level facility

I-Level maintenance perosnnel - one of the facility tabs

For each facility the number of personnel can be entered for each of the labor categories. This should be entered for the facility as a whole. If you only want to enter the labor that is associated with the aircraft program then ensure that the Allocation to TMS % input is set to 100. These numbers should be entered for peak aircraft (i.e. the years where there is the largest number of aircraft in the program), and OSCAM will then automatically scale for the ramp-up and ramp-down periods.

Each facility also allows an I-Level Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) period to be defined. This is where the contractor provides support to I-Level maintainers. This would normally occur in the early years of a program and have a limited duration. This has costs that can be defined in terms of fixed cost per year and cost per aircraft. It is possible to specify a percentage reduction in the defined labor numbers during the CLS period.

If the Allocation to TMS(%) is set to 0 then no costs will be incurred for that facility, regardless of the values of the other inputs on the tab. To highlight this, the other inputs on the form will be grayed out and the text on the tab header bar will also be grayed out. Similarly, if the CLS Duration is 0 then no CLS costs or impacts will occur so the remainder of the CLS inputs on the tab will be grayed out.