Uncertainty and Sensitivity Tool Input Selections

The Uncertainty and Sensitivity tools allow inputs to be selected via a tree structure. This will contain inputs that are represented in input forms as single input boxes, annual cost profile tables, and Throughput inputs. Some tree branches will not be populated with data items if none of the data items are enabled in the data record (e.g. Simplified Unscheduled Maintenance if the Detailed option is selected in the Maintenance sector). Annual cost profile table rows will be included and enabled provided that at least one value in the row is non-zero. Throughput items with non-zero items will be included and enabled. Annual cost profile tables that allow user defined descriptions and all Throughput items will display the user defined name if one has been specified, as well as the allocated results element (Non-O&S, CAPE element, etc.).

Uncertainty Input form showing annual profile table and throughputs in the tree

Uncertainty Input form

In the Sensitivity tool the annual cost profile tables and Throughput inputs will be treated like standard inputs, except that the "Current" and "High/Low" columns cannot display a value it contains multiple values, instead the word "Table" will be displayed.

In the Uncertainty Tool there is different handling for single inputs and table inputs:

For a single Input and Throughput single Input the distribution represents a range of values that the input can take, with the shape of the distribution representing the likelihood of selecting particular values.

For a cost profile table and Throughput cost profile table the distribution represents a factor (as stated in the Bounds information) that all values in all years will be multiplied by. The factor is limited to bounds of 0 to 100 (a factor value of 1 means no change), although any distribution definition is likely to provide tighter constraints than that.

Uncertainty Set Sample Distribution form for a table input

Uncertainty Distribution form for a table input