Previewing and Reviewing Input Sample Data

It is possible to preview input samples before a run is undertaken by clicking on the Preview Input Data Samples button. This will generate the number of sample values for each distribution specified in the Replications edit box and display them. It will use the specified Random Number Stream, or generate a Random Number Stream value if the Auto box is checked. To use the previewed input sample for an actual run the Auto box should be unchecked before undertaking the run so that the Random Number Stream used for the preview is also used for the analysis.

During and after an uncertainty analysis run the Preview button will change to a Review button and the dialog will show the data samples that were generated for the analysis.

Uncertainty Input Data Samples dialog showing the Input Samples tab

Uncertainty input samples tab

The list can be sorted by sector/input number or by the order in the Uncertainty Input List, and it can be filtered to display a specific sector. If correlations are defined then the filter drop-down list will have a "Correlated" option that displays only the Dependent and Independent inputs involved in correlation relationships. It is possible to select a range of rows by holding down the left mouse button and dragging, or by selecting a row and then holding down the Alt key while clicking on another row to select the range in between. Right-clicking on the table will bring up a menu with a Copy Data to Clipboard option. This will bring up a dialog that allows the options to be configured for the data to be copied.

Copy to clipboard configuration dialog for input samples

Uncertainty sample export dialog

If correlation is defined then Correlation and Correlation Matrix tab will be shown on the form that provides a correlation report. The Correlation tab will show the target rank correlation coefficients, the actual Spearman's Rank Correlation and the Pearson's R Correlation coefficients. This report can also be copied to the clipboard via a mouse right-click popup menu.

Uncertainty Input Data Samples dialog showing the Correlation tab

Uncertainty input sample dialog showing Correlation tab

The Correlation Matrix tab displays a table showing the actual Spearman's Rank correlation or Pearson's Correlation between all inputs with correlation relationships (either as dependent or independent inputs). The tab has options for display order, the Spearman's or Pearson's Correlation measure and allows filtering by input sector. The correlation values will be displays as a heat map with positive correlation on the green scale, negative correlation on the red scale and no correlation as white. The input labels and numbers displayed in the report can be copied to the clipboard via a mouse right-click popup menu.

Uncertainty Input Data Samples dialog showing the Correlation Matrix tab

Uncertainty input dialog showing correlation matrix