Copying the Results Table

The right-click menu on the results table has two options for copying results to the clipboard:

Copy To Clipboard allows results to be copied to the clipboard (and subsequently posted to Excel or other suitable package). The outputs that are pasted will match the rows that are shown in the tree view, and the number of decimal places will be as displayed in the table. This is the same as for earlier versions of OSCAM Air.

Copy To Clipboard with Options provides a dialog that allows the format of the results to be configured when copying to the clipboard. The full expanded results or the current level of table expansion can be selected, there are options for the labels that are included, layout of Throughput items, and decimal places can be full or as displayed in the table.

Copy to Clipboard with Options configuration dialog

Configuration dialof for copying results with options

Saving Results

Results can also be saved to a comma delimited or tab delimited file. Select Save Results from the File menu.

A dialog box will be displayed allowing selection of the results set to save, and options for layout and file format (commas between values or tabs between values - both formats can be opened in Microsoft Excel).

Dialog to configure results saved to file

Dialog to configure results saved to file

Create the file by clicking the Save To File button. You will then be able to use a standard Save File dialog box to select the file location and name.