Individual Throughput Items in Results

Results populated from inputs in the Throughput sector are displayed as part of the results tree, as defined by the CAPE category setting for each row in the input form (which can include Non-O&S costs). Throughput totals are shown in the next row under the selected results category and these Throughput totals rows are displayed in all results tables even if there are no Throughput inputs defined for that category.

Individual throughput items are then displayed as child elements of the Throughput total rows and have a results name that includes the Throughput number (page tab number and row number, e.g. TH1.2) and the description defined in the Throughput input form. The results rows for individual results sets may differ since the definitions are specific to input data records.

OSCAM Results form showing individual Throughput items

Section of Resuts table showing individual Throughput rows

The graph display for individual Throughput results rows will only display lines for results sets which contain that individual Throughput item, with the same name and inflation category.

Individual Throughput items will be retained when using the Delta and Aggregations tools. Costs will be combined for any Throughput items from the different results sets that have the same name and inflation category, otherwise they will be listed separately. In a Delta results set the Throughput items in the subtracted results set will be shown as negatives.