OSCAM Air Combined Simulation and Data Management Tools

Previous versions of OSCAM Air had separate Simulation and Data Management Tool (DMT) applications. The DMT was used to capture maintenance data in a work breakdown structure for systems and sub-systems and aggregate this data up to the whole aircraft level. The DMT then transferred the whole aircraft level maintenance data into an OSCAM data record which could then be loaded and run using the main OSCAM Air Simulation application. From OSCAM Air v4.2, the SIM and DMT functions are combined into a single application with SIM and DMT modes.

The OSCAM Air SIM and DMT mode can be switched freely during a session. The current mode is shown by the mode button on the left side of the toolbar, and also reflected in the application caption.

OSCAM Air SIM and DMT Modes

OSCAM Air SIM mode

OSCAM Air DMT mode

The OSCAM mode can be switched by clicking on the mode button and selecting the other mode from the drop-down menu.

Switching OSCAM modes via the mode button

Mode button drop-down menu

The mode can also be changed via the Tools/OSCAM Mode top menu item.

Tools/OSCAM Mode menu

Tools/OSCAM Mode menu options

On switching modes the toolbar and menu items will change to reflect the options available for the selected mode. If you have made changes to the WBS (in the Data Management Tool) and not transferred those changes to the OSCAM data record then you will be warned on switching modes that you have not transferred the changes. You can cancel the mode switch and then transfer the changes or continue with the mode switch. The changes will still be available if you switch back to the DMT mode later.

On exiting OSCAM a check will be made to determine if there are unsaved changes to the OSCAM data record or WBS files and a warning dialog will be displayed with an option to cancel the exit. If you choose not to exit OSCAM then the mode will automatically be switched to the one that allows access to the required Save options for the unsaved file types (unless both the data record and WBS need saving).