Throughput Data

The Throughput sector allows inputs to be created that are not represented elsewhere in the model or where costs are already profiled over time in another model and you wish to apply those costs to OSCAM. Throughputs costs can be allocated to different parts of the results cost structure and different inflation categories can be selected. In OSCAM Air v4.1 the number of inflation categories was expanded to 30 structured items and 40 cost profile table rows.

CAPE cost elements

CAPE cost elements were introduced in OSCAM Ship v4.0.  The CAPE cost elements selection boxes allow Non-O&S to be selected as a category, or any of the top-level CAPE elements (second-level for Maintenance, with categories 3.1 O-L Consumables & Repair Parts, 3.2 Depot Level Repairables, 3.3 I-Level, 3.4 Depot and 3.5 Other Maintenance) to be selected. The second-level Maintenance categories have change in Air v4.1 with the change from CAPE '07 to CAPE '14 O&S cost elements.

If an OSCAM Air v4.0 data record is loaded, all Throughput costs allocated to the CAPE '07 3.1 O-Level Maintenance will be applied to the CAPE '14 3.2 Depot Level Repairables element. This is because CAPE '14 splits out O-Level costs into Consumables/Repair Parts and Depot Level Repairables, and it is likely that the greater part of the cost will be for the Depot Level Repairables . A message will be displayed at the end of the Load Wizard to highlight that a mapping of Throughput costs has occurred. When opening an OSCAM Ship v8.1 or earlier data record, the Non-O&S category will automatically be selected.

Inflation Categories

An inflation category can be associated with each Throughput item. This allows Throughput data to be updated automatically when the Cost Base Year is changed and also allows it to be included in the calculation of Then Year $ results.

Expansion of Throughput Sector

OSCAM Air v4.0 allowed 5 structured rows (where costs are driven by a specified factored) and 5 cost profile table rows to be specified. OSCAM Air v4.1 has expanded the Throughput sector to 30 structured rows (split across 3 tabs with 10 rows each) and 40 cost profile table rows (split across 2 tabs with 20 rows each). Cost profile Throughput table year column headers are now displayed with a black background for years before the first aircraft is introduced and years after the last aircraft retires to indicate that any costs will be incurred outside of the normal in-service period of the class.

The Throughput Costs input form - Structured Throughputs

OSCAM Air Structured Throughputs screenshot

The Throughput Costs input form - Cost Profile Table Throughputs

OSCAM Air Table Throughputs screenshot