Maintenance - Other Maintenance Costs

A new tab has been added to the Maintenance sector for Other Maintenance Costs, which supports the CAPE 2014 3.5 Other Maintenance Costs element. CAPE 2014 does not specify what the 3.5 Other Maintenance Costs element should contain, only that it is for maintenance costs that are not covered by any of the other maintenance cost elements.

Since Other Maintenance Costs is a more open category, the Other Maintenance Costs tab includes a Description box that allows documentation to be entered for the costs that are represented. The memo style field allows word wrap, use of carriage returns and has copy and paste functionality.

The costs are split into Government costs (which use the OMNLF Comp inflation category) and Contractor (KTR) costs (which use OMN Purchases). For each there are a variety of inputs with different cost drivers: $/Year, $/Aircraft/Year, $/Flying Hour, $/Squadron/Year (with an input for each of the operating environments). There is an annual cost profile table with a row for Government and a row for Contractor costs.

Other Maintenance Costs tab in the Maintenance Sector Other Maintenance Costs tab

In the results table, the Government costs are shown in element 3.5.1 and the Contractor costs in 3.5.2. Costs can also be allocated to 3.5 Other Maintenance in the Throughput sector which allows any inflation category to be selected. These Throughput costs will be displayed in the results table under 3.5.+ Other Maintenance Throughput Costs.

Other Maintenance Costs in the results table Other Maintenance Costs tab