Load Database Wizard

The Load Database Wizard is used to create a new data record, load an existing data record, connect to a reference database (to extract values from other data records for specific inputs) and for loading a Workspace file (to load a saved OSCAM session). The Load Database Wizard has been completely re-designed in OSCAM Air v4.1 to make it more intuitive and achieve common tasks with fewer mouse clicks.

OSCAM Air v4.1 retains the concept of being able to create databases that contain multiple input data record. This means that you can keep all related data records for a study together in the same database (e.g. a baseline and a set of related alternative support scenarios). A .USE database allows you to load and save to the database, while a .HIS database only allows you to load from the database. It is possible to load data records that were created by OSCAM Air v4.0, and the wizard will handle any data migration tasks that are needed. You will be informed at the end of the Load Wizard process if you loaded data from an older database, and if there are any inputs that you should review to check the assumptions made during the migration.

Load Database Wizard options screen Load Wizard options page

Wizard Status column

The status column shows the current stage of the wizard and decisions that have been made in previous stages. It also shows you current choices in stages that have not yet been reached:

Select Load Option page

The Select Load Option page lets you select one of four main options for loading data. Select the button for the required option:

In addition to the option buttons, the Select Load Option page has two shortcut lists for re-loading existing input data files. The top list shows recently used databases, from which you can click on a database to view the records and select one to load. The lower list shows recently used data records (and their databases) from which you can select a record to re-load. You can clear individual items from the list, or the entire list from a right-click menu on each list.

Selecting files

The Load an Existing Data Record, Connect to a Reference Database, and Load a Workspace File options all allow you to select a recent file from a shortcut list or to use a file explorer dialog to navigate through folders and select a file.

Load Primary Database file explorer dialog

Screenshot of the Load Primary Database file explorer dialog

Selecting a data record

If you are loading an existing data record, you can select a recently used record from the Re-load Recent Record shortcut list, otherwise you can select a database and then select a record from a list contained within that database. The record names can be sorted alphabetically, by save date/time or unsorted (shown in original creation data order). Clicking on a record name will display information about that data record. To select a record to load you can click the Select Record button or double-click on the name in the list.

Select Data Record page

Screenshot of the Select Data Record page

Selecting a Cost Year

When creating a new data record or re-loading an existing data record you can select the Cost Year to use. When re-loading a data record, this will have a specified Cost Year but you can specify a different year and OSCAM will inflate/deflate the costs using appropriate inflation categories to convert the costs to the required cost year. OSCAM Air uses NCCA inflation tables, and maintains a history of tables from those created in 2010 to the present day. The inflation tables are updated on an annual basis. In most cases you should use the latest set of inflation tables but you may wish to use older tables for comparative purposes. If you do opt to use older inflation tables then a warning banner will be displayed to highlight this.

Up to this point you can click Cancel to exit the wizard without making changes, or Previous to go back to an earlier stage of the wizard. Click on the Select Record button to load the data record and apply any Cost Year changes. This will load the data record and replace any existing input data that you had present (you will be warned first if you have any unsaved input data).

Select Cost Year page

Adjust Cost Year and Load Record Details page


Once a file/record has been loaded or a Reference database connected you will be taken to the Finish page. Here you will see any messages relating to loading input data from an earlier version of OSCAM Air. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

Finish stage

Finish stage screenshot showing a that the data record was created by an earlier version of OSCAM Air